EiWave offers a variety of RF FrontEnd Products for Monitoring, Search and Direction Finding applications. EiWave FrontEnd provides high sensitivity, high dynamic range. EiWave offers solution for VHF/UHF (20-3000 MHz) and Microwave FrontEnd (0.5-18 GHz).

RF FrontEnd

VHF/UHF RF FrontEnd  20-3000MHz VME Module intended for the monitoring / Search receiver applications.VHF/UHF FrontEnd  receives signals from 20 to 3000MHz band and generates IF signals using super hetero-dyne concept.

Key Features:

  • Single or multi-channel phase coherent operation
  • High dynamic range is achieved with different mode of selection.
  • Low Noise Mode, Normal Mode and Low distortion mode supported for high sensitivity and high dynamic range.
  • Tuner is expandable to 100KHz – 6GHz.
  • Sub-octave preselectors decrease inter-modulation products and increase dynamic range.