The EIWDTUN-20-3000, is a single channel Wideband tuner with 40Mhz bandwidth and tuner is expandable to 100 kHz – 6 GHz. RF Front end and synthesizer is integrated in a rugged, conduction-cooled 6U VPX module. Low Phase noise synthesizer and low noise figure front end makes this tuner suitable for communication intelligence (COMINT) and electronic intelligence (ELINT) application. For multi-channel additional RF tuners can be integrated to form a multi-channel radio solution These tuner can be user for DF application as Phase coherency is maintained.
EIWDTUN-20-3000 reduces manufacturing costs and improves production. It is designed for use in embedded applications where size, weight, and power are important factors.

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Frequency Range (RF Input) 20 – 3000 MHz
Number of input channels 01 RF + 01 BITE
Input Signal Level +10 to -110 dBm
SensitivityBetter than -110dBm
Noise Figure 14 dB max
Gain variation over freq range± 2dB max.
Image rejection90dB min. at 2nd IF
Internally Generated Spurious-70 dBm
L.O Radiation RF input -90 dBm max
RF Attenuator 30dB programmable
Steps10dB steps
Final IF frequency 12 KHz
Final IF Bandwidth 24 KHz
IF Attenuator30dB programmable
AGC output -10 ± 5dBm
Spurious level @ IF output & Non AGC mode≤ -60dBc in both AGC
Harmonic Level @ IF output& Non AGC mode≤ -60dBc in both AGC
Step Size 1Hz
RSSI output 1
Single Tone SFDR 60dB min(without AGC and attenuator)
VSWR 2:1
Mechanical Dimensions 233.4mm x 160mm x 20mm (W x H x T)