EI wave offers wide variety of filters ,depending on the customer requirement is an industry standard or completely unique, our technical staff specializes in engineering custom solutions.




Cavity Filters are known for low insertion loss and higher power handling ability. EI wave offers rapid cell Cavity filters covering 800 MHz-20 GHz in Bandpass designs with SMA connectors.Unique     resonator designs reduce overall size and increase peak power handling. Using silver plating on our resonators and internal cavity surfaces, reduces loss and offers higher Q than other less expensive plating methods.Superior pseudo-elliptic designs our engineers generate reduce the number of sections required to meet a specified attenuation response, thereby generating a smaller cavity filter with lower passband loss, and reduced costs. Similar techniques may be employed to provide passband group delay equalization or increase attenuation over a specified stopband region.



This switched low pass filter module is capable of handling 120W(CW) input power . It has 6 filter sections which are designed with extremely low loss and very high out of band rejection. This module is ideal for Harmonic frequency rejection after power amplifier stage. It can give minimum of 60dB out band  frequency rejection. Module consists of a TX/RX switch at the output stage to switch between transmit and receive path. It has an in built directional coupler to monitor the transmitted power and VSWR. Module provides provision of Rf sample and detected voltage output for both forward and reverse path. It operates with dual  power supply of 5V and 24V. Detailed description are given below.