EI Wave Digitech was formed in the year of 2008 by a team of professionals, with expertise in diverse fields and disciplines with the air of providing state-of-the-art high quality, innovative electronic products and solutions.

EI Wave focuses on providing

  • RF system solutions, with hardware and software, backed by its sound expertise in design of Synthesizers, Tuners, Transmitters, Receivers, Tunable filters etc.,
  • We are also focusing on Embedded System solutions, with hardware and software backed by its sound expertise in micro processors, micro controllers, digital signal processors, VLSI designs and real-time systems.
  • Software solutions on various hardware platforms embedded to computers, either with full-blown operating systems or without any operating systems with complete documentation.
  • Generic, unique as well as customized end-to-end solutions across a wide spectrum of requirements.

EI Wave shall leverage its position as a recognized design, development and manufacturing house and an approved company in aerospace and defence industry, to provide world class products and services for national and international clients.

EI Wave shall accelerate its growth and explore formation of strategic alliance with industry partnerss, in order to leverage respective core competence, expertise, technical and financial strengths, and market reach, to provide comprehensive solutions with cutting-edge technology, for both local as well as global clientele.

Our products are MIL qualified as per MIL-STD-461E and/or F and supplied to DRDO labs and MOD PSU’s like BEL, ECIL, BDL etc.,

  • Software Defined Radio
  • Synthesizers
  • Tuners
  • Tunable Filters
  • Transmitters
  • Digital Receivers
  • Simulation Software and Radar etc.,
  • Complete system/sub system design and engineering
  • Architecture design
  • Mechanical Enclosure and Thermal Engineering
  • Full product qualification, to specified standards
  • Quality planning
  • Microprocessor and Digital Signal Processor
  • Memories : Flash, SRAM, SDRAM, SBSRAM, NVRAM, SPROM, Others
  • Communication Interfaces : Ethernet, USB, UART, Synchronous Serial ports, GPIB,I2C, CAN & Others
  • I/O Interface : Analog, Discrete, Pulsed, Synchro, Resolver and Others
  • BUS Standards : VME, PMC, PCI, CPCI and Custom
  • From factors : Double Euro, Extended Double Euro and Custom
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Derating Analysis
  • Reliability Prediction (MTBF), as per MIL Standard
  • PCB Design as per MIL Standard
  • Multi layer board designs, with dedicated power and ground planes
  • Special PCB Engineering
  • Flex-rigid, Embedded Metal Plane, top metal-clad versions
  • Well established outsourcing – With BBT, Group-A and Group-B certifications
  • PCB Thermal Analysis
  • PCB High frequency/ EMI/EMC analysis
  • Complex Digital logic Design
  • Verilog and VHDL Languages
  • Functional And Timing Simulation
  • Standard Enclosure design
  • 19’’ Rack mounting, ATR tray mounting, Custom
  • Aluminum/HE30 enclosure to specified standards
  • Design for EMI/EMC compliance
  • Design for Shock and Vibration compliance and Thermal withstand capability.
  • Established procedures and guidelines
  • Anti-static work area
  • Dust, Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Trained and experienced technicians
  • Excellent tools for soldering, re-work and visual inspection
  • Facilities for precision component soldering
  • Established testing facilities
  • Anti-static work area
  • Dust, Temperature and Humidity controlled work area
  • Test-and-measurement (T&M) equipment
  • Strict calibration procedures
  • Testing carried out as per approved test plans

Research Centre Imarat (RCI)
Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL)
Programme AD (PGAD)
National Atmospheric Research Laboratory (NARL)
Systems Planning & Implementation Centre (SPIC)
Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES)
Bharat Electronics Limited.
Bharat Dynamics Limited.
Electronics Corporation of India Limited etc.,